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“India do not have enough skilled professionals”

Saaar, I have a problem.

Tell me, ya, what is it?

Today is my Ph.D. final theses viva. I do not know the meanings of some of the words in my presentation PPT. You are my research guide, please help me.

What is this, ya? Telling this now only?

Saaar, i did not make the PPT myself.

That you need not tell. I know it earlier also. What competency do you have?

Now no competency saar. My competencies got finished with the earlier 2-3 doctor committe meeting and preparations for today’s viva.

It is doctoral committee meeting, not doctor committee meeting, at least get those meanings correct.

Okay Saar. What to do now? Shall i order for some extra soda sarbath or apple joose for viva audiences so that they will remain silent?

Yes, do that. It is a good idea. Give cashewnuts too. You are giving lunch, with sweets and non-vegetarian dishes, to all, correct?

Correct Saar. I pledged my wife’s golden jewellery to find money for this.

Don’t worry. After your Ph.D., we will apply for a major AICTE/ DST project, and will ask students to do it as an assignment. I will show you the way.

You are great, Saar. You are my way and destination. You are god to me.

No, No, don’t mention… Did you meet the members of your viva committee? Are they happy?

Yes Saar. One of them wanted to go to a temple. So i took him in a car, and paid money for his puja. He is very charitable, Saar. Wanted to do annadaanam. That money also i paid.

Good! So you got committee member’s blessings, god’s blessings and poor people’s blessing also. 3-in-1 bonus, ya. What a great man you are. Keep everybody happy.

Okay Saar. Saar, that ring is really looking nice on your fingers.

Hmmm… My wife did not like it. She says that i should not have taken this ring from you. But how can i refuse it? God is giving it through you. It is all his will and blessing. Who am i to refuse?

Yes Saar. Ladies like that only. Always says, don’t want, don’t want. Tell my respects to madam. Very kind madam, Saar.

Madam says that there is a new organic store that has opened in the shopping mall. Asking what is your opinion about the vegetables there.

It is good Saar. I will buy vegetables today evening from there, and deliver it to madam.

What a helpful person you are. There is no need for any of these. Ok, let us get ready for your viva.